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Daanav Mouse is a small tool that will allow its users to change the size and the type of mouse pointer in their computer, being able to establish any image from their hard drive as the pointer for Windows.

The options of the program allows us to choose which image we want to see as mouse pointer, as well as being able to establish a level of transparency for it. Therefore, we will be able to create, for example, a bigger pointer for elderly people.

However, the best of this application is that it permits the establishment of a quick access button to alternate between a normal pointer and the changed one. This way, we will be able to have, for example, a huge pointer for an elderly person when he is going to use the computer, and change it with just a button when he isn’t going to use it.

The default pointer when we install it is simply a big red circle around the normal pointer. But we can change this easily.

Daanav Mouse is a very easy and simple tool to use that offers a very interesting and not much exploited service, with a very easy and intuitive interface.
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